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Публикации / Zona Zamfirova

Zona Zamfirova
19.07.06 15:05

Zona Zamfirova opens a new direction in the Serbian cinematography. Before 1980, Yugoslav films, including Serbian, were almost totally considering pure social themes and events from WWII. From 1990-2000 almost without exception films were depicting death, current war, existential questions ending around the time of the all-in-one edition of Emir Kusturica's Underground or dark Srdjan Dragojevic's Pretty village, pretty flame.

Zona Zamfirova is above all light and amusing and in such a contrast with almost entire century of film that it has immediately become the most popular movie of all time in Serbia. The technical qualities of this movie are average or poor. The costumes, acting and clear directing are probably the only outstanding elements. (And of course a script but it was an adaptation.) Other elements must be seen in light of the history. It was the young country of Serbia waking up after 500 years of the Ottoman rule, trying to establish again its historical presence. This arrogance of a historical teenager you can feel throughout the movie. One of the most prominent towns of that time, Nis, south Serbia, is telling us its story of Romeo and Juliet only this time with a happy-end. The language they use throughout the film has many old phrases, words and expressions from Turkish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, Rom etc. that cannot be easily understood even in their domicile modern environment. However, this element adds to the genuine atmosphere of that time a lot. With translation into any foreign language this film loses almost all of its potential. Because of that, this film cannot break any cultural barrier; only at home it will remain unforgettable. The crew is chosen from the best actors in last few decades and they are doing their job perfectly. All of them are bards of their craft, except two chief characters. These two are, however, chosen with the great attention and both fits in the movie very naturally. One additional element that will be definitely interesting for a foreign audience is music. This is the authentic or close to authentic music of old Serbia. The literature work "Zona Zamfirova" has itself a lot of poems added. And since the novel is based on a true event, the music is opening the sound treasure this country ever has. So, from the main actors in this movie was required to speak almost a foreign language and to sing authentic and far from easy yet beautiful folk songs. None of this was a simple task.
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